I decided to get up on my own Soapbox and head to Washington, DC to share my divorce mediators guide for improving Congressional relationships, www.easingcongressionalgridlock.com. With Soapbox in my corner we secured amazing national media attention and built a strong social media presence. Now let’s hope congressional members take my advice!"

Carol Bailey, Founder & Managing Partner, Integrative Family Law

Team Soapbox did an outstanding job of helping make the 100th year anniversary of Fisher Scones special. From social media to event development and coordination and the resulting multi-media coverage, they did an excellent job!"

Harry Forsberg, VP of Sales, Conifer Specialties/Fisher Scones

The folks at Team Soapbox exceeded our expectations for PR/Media help! The nature of our work is complex and quite difficult to message for the media. Leigh listened carefully to our needs and crafted information for the media that truly communicated our message and preserved the confidentiality and dignity of our work. I couldn’t be happier with the work all of the folks at Team Soapbox did in helping us gain media attention."

Janice Palm, Executive Director, Shepherd's Counseling Services

As we work with state legislators to ensure that disabled individuals, struggling working families and children in Washington have access to quality, affordable health care, Team Soapbox acts an integral part of our team. They help us strategically target the right audiences and shape digestible, effective messages for the often misunderstood and complicated issue of health care."

Erin Hertel, Government Affairs Manager, Community Health Network of Washington

Team Soapbox helped us be the early explorers in this new territory that is LUNG FORCE, and their creativity and energy was enormously helpful. I’ve been in this communications business for a long time and they are hands down the best agency I’ve ever worked with."

Renee Klein, President & CEO, American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific