Our Approach

Our Approach

When engaging in a new project the first thing we ask is: "Are we passionate about this?" The intersection of our abilities with our interests is where we do our best work. It's not about doing PR, marketing and brand consulting, it's about making issues matter in people's lives. Getting people's attention and giving them a voice, an identity, a stake in the game.

Through decades as communicators, we have built relationships that have benefitted our clients in obvious and unexpected ways. We believe that seeking out and taking advantage of opportunities is extremely valuable to achieving success.

You just never know when you'll need to call on a band of pirates, cupcake designing toddlers or a good old-fashioned super hero.

We know the tried and true approaches and we also know how to switch up tactics and strategies with the evolving media landscape. We make communications relevant to people whether they're policy obsessed, tethered to technology, high school students, Medicare patients or the next generation of drivers.

Meeting people where they are and bringing them up onto the Box where they can be heard is what Team Soapbox is all about.