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Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Collateral Development, Graphic Design, Message Development, Video Production

Western Washington Clean Cities

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) enlisted Team Soapbox to create a video for one of its programs, the Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition (WWCC). Its goal for the video was to illustrate successes for partners, members and funders, while also inspiring others to join the coalition. WWCC provides education, technical expertise, networking opportunities and funding assistance to help members invest in local, sustainable transportation solutions -- which supports the regional economy, protects the environment, and helps businesses and agencies green their bottom lines.

PSCAA also wanted some kind of visual piece that could be printed to leave with people after a meeting or presentation, emailed and/or shared online in various places.

The biggest challenge of these projects was the tight timeline. Both the video and the handout had to be finished in six weeks and within a modest budget.

An additional challenge was the video and the visual piece had to speak to different audiences with diverse needs and perceptions. The video needed to make coalition members feel accomplished and part of something worthy. It also had to appeal to fleet managers who were not yet involved, who perhaps did not understand the benefits of WWCC. Lastly, the video had to include certain key points and meet requirements for the funder.

Team Soapbox kicked into high gear and worked with our partners Remedy Pictures to create a compelling, creative narrative in the video. It was an intensive six weeks of writing and refining a script, gathering previously taken footage and coordinating new footage, and video editing.

We also teamed up with our friends at Bullseye Creative to create a one-page infographic that could be printed, emailed or shared through social media.

  • We produced a short, informative and inspiring video that spoke to both audiences. With the infographic, the team was able to illustrate the coalition’s success by presenting statistics in an easily digestible and visually entertaining format.

  • The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency was pleased with the final products and received positive praise from its partners, members and funder.

  • Both projects were finished on time and in budget.

Watch the WWCC Video

Celebrating Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition