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DirtFish Rally School

Media Relations, Marketing, Media Buying

Throttle, Lift, Turn & Break

Throttle, lift, turn & break: these are words to live by; or rather, stay alive by, in the world of rally car racing. Don’t believe us? Then take it from DirtFish Rally School, a specialty racing course designed for all levels of experience. At DirtFish, the curriculum isn’t just about acquiring specialty driving skills; it’s about learning the mental game of precision driving.

In 2010, Team Soapbox was asked to get behind the wheel and drive the DirtFish grand opening and media launch.

Some things simply have to be experienced before they can be understood. Team Soapbox brought journalists in to experience the thrill of DirtFish Rally School’s superfast signature orange Subarus for themselves, driving a local and national media strategy that was all about the DirtFish experience.

(Of course, to authentically relate the experience, we had to take a spin ourselves too.)

After an afternoon of squealing and sliding around the rally track, the journalists went home ready to write, and Team Soapbox gained DirtFish national and regional media attention including placements in outlets like Wired and Seattle Met Magazine.