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Credit Unions of Washington

Media Relations, Creative Promotions, Communications Planning, Event Planning

Kites Over Washington

Credit Unions of Washington (CUOW) wanted to raise their name recognition and awareness of the network of credit union in the state. In partnership with Big Bang Electric, Team Soapbox was asked to bring media attention to CUOW.

  • Kites Over Washington Project: In 2009, CUOW brought in famous “kite master,” Seth Abramson, to fly 121 kites over Gas Works Park in Seattle. CUOW was tied to the breathtaking art project as its primary sponsor in order to garner positive name-association for the organization within the community and Team Soapbox brought in TV crews (and helicopters), photographers and reporters to witness the event.

  • The Rock Cooperative: In 2010, we helped orchestrate another special event put on by the CUOW called the “Rock Cooperative,” an ice skating extravaganza and fundraiser for Second Harvest with live rock bands at the Riverfront Ice Palace in Spokane.

  • Kites Over Washington was covered widely by television, radio, print and bloggers. It was even recorded by a Seattle Times sketch artist. The Rock Cooperative was highly attended and covered by local TV News and blogs.

  • “Women In Film” created a short art film about the Kites over Washington event (with some Team Soapbox cameos!) that won an Emmy Award.

Video of Kites Over Washington

Kites Over Washington film

KOMO 4 News: Seth Abramson's Kite Ballet