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The Prosperity Agenda

Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, Brand Strategy and Development, Collateral Development, Communications Planning, Event Planning, Graphic Design, Website Content and Development

Financial Capability Summit

The Prosperity Agenda came to us with a challenge. How do you launch a first time event and get the word out without a big flashy advertising budget? How do you use compelling imagery and language to make this event really stand out from typical conferences? How do you use social media to ignite conversation in real-time?

Team Soapbox was hired by The Prosperity Agenda, non-profit organization that designs solutions to stop the cycle of poverty in Washington State. Team Soapbox was tasked with marketing The Financial Capability Summit, a statewide summit to explore the impact of financial capability work in Washington State. Through the development of an event brand, targeted and timed email campaign, outreach plan, and registration site, Team Soapbox raised awareness among a select audience of people working in financial empowerment in our state. The result: more than 100 nonprofit professionals, government representatives, advocates, and business leaders from Washington, Oregon and Idaho gathered to explore how financial capability solutions can help stop the cycle of poverty (p.s. the event sold out).

We started with developing a signature look for the event. We went for a bright color palette and contemporary design, leaning on the clean lines and modern look of the venue, the Tacoma Art Museum (which we also included as a key branding element on emails and the website). At the heart of our client’s work is innovation — so we believed it was important for this to show up in the visuals.
Once the concept was approved, we quickly set-up an event registration site using SquareSpace. We developed some key messages and a tagline to be used in all marketing, including web copy.
Then, we wrote a marketing communications plan and timeline, which included budget-conscious tactics such as social media content schedule, Facebook ad boost, targeted email campaign, partner cross-promotion, and on-site attendee engagement.


  • Website: We designed, tested, and launched an event registration site, complete with an e-commerce feature for ticket purchase. The result was an easy-to-navigate site, accessible via their existing website.

  • Email marketing: We utilized A/B subject line and sender testing in our development of email marketing campaigns targeting both speakers and attendees. Sent 10 emails resulting in an average 25% open and 3.2% click through rates.

  • On-site engagement: Created a unique hashtag and displayed, in real-time, social media engagement via Tagboard display at the event on May 12. Encouraged attendees to use social in response to some of the big questions of the day. This yielded 191 uses of #FCSummit2016.

  • Stage management: Coordinated transition and flow of 12 speakers on and off the stage; reviewed MC and Executive Director scripts and made suggestions to reinforce event purpose and desired outcomes as well as fold in key words and phrases used in the event marketing; the result was a smoothly run series of talks without transition hiccups and talking points that were on-brand.

  • Stage visuals: Designed branded stage décor to frame speakers and create visual interest. Designed all on-site collateral, including welcome sign, programs, and PowerPoint template. The result was an eye-catching, consistently branded theme.